Anopolis is suitable destination for wildlife lovers of the imposing canyons and unique beauty available to Madares. It is equally suitable destination for those who want to experience the beautiful beaches of Sfakia province since we are just 15 minutes by car from the sea.


White Mountains (Madares) Pachnes:

The White Mountains or Madares otherwise occupy the largest part of Chania law with length 50 km and width of 25 km. They have 47 peaks of 2,000 meters above sea level and above, and the highest of these is the Pachnes altitude to 2454 meters. The view from the top is amazing. The walking route is around 5 hours, while the transport route is reduced to one and a half hours.

Aradena gorge

Aradenas gorge:

The gorge Aradaina is just 3 km from Anopolis, and is one of the most interesting and embossing gorges of Crete. Its length is 5.5 km and a depth of 138 meters. The walls of the growing number of trees and herbs, while the rocks shelter chamois small mammals and many rare birds. The gorge ends in lonely and beautiful coastline Marmara.

Ancient Aradaina

Ancient Aradaina:

Within 4 minutes by car, there is the ancient Aradaina, where you can see some old buildings.

Agia Ekaterini

Agia Ekaterini:

From the center of Anopolis starts the road to Agia Ekaterini, from where you can enjoy stunning views of the Libyan Sea. The remains of ancient Anopolis, parts of the Cyclopean walls that surrounded the city are preserved still, mainly on the north slope of the hill.

Ilinga Gorge

Ilinga Gorge:

Ilinga Gorge is located a few kilometers west of Chora Sfakion. It starts from Anopolis Sfakion and ends at the beautiful beach of Ilinga. The canyon is easily accessible from Anopolis. Access to the Ilinga riverbed is accessed from the ruined village of Mouri Sfakion or above Anopolis Sfakion where the Madara road leads to the Achladas area. From there, following the path that leads to the riverbed, one reaches the point where there is the 700-year-old chapel of the Holy Cross which is full of sacred art. Opposite the Holy Cross is the only water source of the area in a cave on the path that leads to Muri. From this church starts 3 hours path to the beach of Ilinga.This course is also kid friendly.

Forest village

Forest village:

The forest village is a 10-minute drive from our apartments. There you can enjoy the cool breeze offered by the countless trees and the beautiful view of the mountain and the cliffs.

Imbros gorge

Imbros gorge:

The Imbros gorge is a 30-minute drive from our apartments. The scenery is beautiful and the descent is relatively easy. The canyon is 11 kilometers long and lasts 3.5 hours.

Agios Pavlos Beach

Agios Pavlos Beach:

Agios Pavlos is a beautiful beach in the area of ​​Piso Aigialoi, 3 kilometers east of Agia Roumeli and 6 kilometers west of Loutro, at the exit of the wild canyon of Eligia. The beach is completely isolated from the civilization, since the only way to get there is by boat or by a long hike. The closest ports are Agia Roumeli and Loutro. Hiking from Agia Roumeli takes 50-60 minutes, in an easy path along the coastline.

Glyka nera

Sweet water beach:

Sweet water beach is one of the most popular beaches of Sfakia. The road to get there is a 15-minute drive from our apartments and 30 minuetes by foot, in a place where the White Mountains end up perpendicular to the beach. Otherwise you need to go to Chora Sfakion and take the boat from there. The beach was named Sweet water because of the fact that the snow melts in the White Mountains feed the underground paths of water that ends up in the sea.

Marmara beach

Marmara Beach:

Marmara Beach is located on the south coast of western Crete, in the prefecture of Chania, at the exit of the Aradena Gorge. The beach has pebbles and crystal clear waters. To get there you can cross the Aradena Gorge or take the boat from Chora Sfakion.

Iliggas beach

Iligas Beach:

Iligas beach is located at the end of the iligas gorge , 11 minutes by car from our apartments . What distinguish this beach is its crystal clear turquoise water, the deep sea, the fine and thick pebbles and the caves of the rocky coast

Loutro Beach

Loutro Beach:

Loutro is a small, seaside resort 1.5 hours' walk from our apartments. Another way to get there is by boat from Chora Sfakion.It is a place where there are only small boats.

lykos and phonix beach

Lykos & Phoenix Beaches

The beaches of Lykos and Phoenix have clear shores and seas. They can be reached by car 30 minutes from our apartments or by boat from Chora Sfakion.