Anopolis is one of the villages of Sfakia, located at the foot of the Madares the White Mountains and the Southwest of Crete. West of Sfakia at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level. The serpentine road rises bare mountains and offers endless views of the Libyan Sea to Gavdos, resulting in the pine plateau.

Anopolis village lies on the site of the ancient homonymous city where it flourished during the Roman and Byzantine times and retained the other autonomy and its own currency.

Today still preserved sections of Cyclopean walls of the ancient city on the north side of St. Catherine hill from where one can enjoy the view down to Loutro , which in ancient times was a port of Anopolis the name Phoenix .

Background person was Daskalogiannis (Ioannis Vlachos). Emblematic figure of the liberation struggles of Crete. Legendary rebel who revolutionized Sfakia against the Turks in 1770. By order of the Turkish Pasha on June 16, 1771 skinned alive DASKALOGIANNI and pieces of flesh were flying in the crowd. The statue dominates the square of Anopolis.

In Anopolis you can find two bakeries with freshly baked pastry, two taverns /cafeterias with a big variety of local goods, a mini market and a hospital